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November 2018

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11/13/2018: "Royal Cruising Club review"

The following review was posted by Jason Lawrence of the 'Royal Cruising Club' in the UK.

Multihull Seamanship (second edition) published by Fernhust books

"In my experience, one of the pleasures of buying a multihull was the new learning curve that it presented. Having previously sailing only 'monomorans', I needed to rethink my sailing, going back to basics, breaking down well-known techniques into elemental parts and remodelling them into a new paradigm.
The first edition of Le Sueur's Multihull Seamanship was one of the books I read at that time.
With a deep experience of different multihull designs and years of multihull cruising and racing, Le Sueur had written a book that no only outlines some of the most common techniques that the reader would likely to need but also some that one would hope never to need! When I had finished reading it, I started to understand how I should be thinking about handling my multihull, rather than just following general written advice. I started to think about the vessel and its interaction with the forces around it: How one action, say on sail trim, could change the dynamic on another, say dagger board loading. This led to a greater understanding of load dynamics in developing conditions, ensured a more comfortable ride on board and resulted in less wear ona tear on gear.
This new edition of Le Sueur's book must be a recommended read for anyone on the multihull journey.