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October 2017

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10/03/2017: "The hardtop is finished!"

bimini2 (83k image) It was a labour of love and the final fit and painting took a significant time. Eventually clears, solar panel, pilot hatch and wiring were completed. Now to make the most of it. Our goal was to make the hardtop to a standard that looks like she was original to the design. Critics would say we have added weight. We have, but at the benefit of increased usability. We can reef faster, safer and quicker - and unreef similarly. Maintenance does not need to be delayed and it is sooooo much better in the cockpit. Cooler, more room, no leaks! We removed 43 kg of stainless, bolts screws and canvas. We have added 54 of foam, glass and clears. I think I can wear 11 kg and not have the extra jerry can on back up fuel...