Haul away another day

Gavin and Sean hauling the main up

I have not automated any systems on the boat yet. I did buy a winch end fitting to go in a portable drill but have yet to buy the drill that has the torque to actually tension anything. There is still something nice about the sounds of ‘haul away’ which we inevitably sing as the mainsail climbs skyward.

Sean is my daughter Estelles’ fiancee. Estelle is now back in Cairns working as a Marine Biologist after completing her degree at Adelaide University. After high school she trialed a few things – nursing, reception work, administration work, before deciding to go back to Uni and do Marine Biology. The initial plan was James Cook Uni – she bought a 28ft live aboard catamaran ‘Auberge’ in Townsville and was going to try living on this while at Uni. ‘Auberge’ needed a bit of work and, while replacing trampoline netting in the Marina, Sean wandered down the jetty and and started a conversation. As time evolved, Seans’ job and potential study moved to Adelaide and they moved down together – Estelle enrolling in the Adelaide University Marine Science course. We look forward to having them both back in Cairns when Sean completes his PhD.