When it’s too windy to paint.

Catherine does well to cope with me either being at the boat sanding or on the beach kiting. Each compliments the other by maintaining sanity.

I’ve been fortunate enough to start kitesurfing in its infancy – 20 years ago with a two-line kite. The technology has rapidly advanced and enabled my kiting to continue in a safer fashion and with the ability to push the envelope further. I now compete on Woo Sports using a device attached to the kiteboard that measures lots of parameters that are uploaded to the net and compared. My main event is ‘Big Air’ – jumping. There are 27000 plus competitors worldwide. I’m currently sixth in the ‘over 60’s worldwide and first in Aus. To get to the lead position I need a bit over three more metres. Definately doable.

Kitesurfing is a great sport for multihullers – we can carry lots of gear because it packs up well and is light! I remember the days of carting windsurfing equipment around. On one trip from Brisbane to fiji, one hull was pretty much full with four boards and rigs. Now four sets of kite gear fit in the spinnaker locker – along with the spinnaker.

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