I might touch up the paint job…

Just a quick sentence that ended up going on and on and on. I am the son of a painter. My father was a philosopher at heart but always came back to practicalities. Painting, like life, is 98% preparation. Credit is taken for the 2% appearance but the real work is behind the scene.

So… I decided to paint. The electrics are done. The engines are in and tested. I started sanding. This stage has gone of for a couple of months. I’d work consulting until 2, drive to the boat via home, drag out the Festool vacuum sander (the best sanding tool ever!) and sand until my fingers were tingling or it got dark (usually both). I am now at the high VP stage (visual progress). Masking (again part of the preparation) took much longer than planned and the right 14 day painters high quality tape is critical. Painting as soon as the wind drops a bit.

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