And in they go

The current model Yanmar 30’s have been made with the sailor who does the maintenance in mind. On the front of the engine is easy access to the water pump, the oil dipstick, the oil intake and the fanbelt adjustments. No more crawling into the engine room and undertaking contortions to put the dipstick back in.

One of the issues with my old engines was cosmetics. The engines were rusty looking from salt spray through a less than perfect deck hatch seal.

To prevent this I looked at the deck hatch setup and changed it. Removing the old hatches, I removed the single boat hatch and put two new ones in. This enabled more even tension on closing the hatch. I replaced the rubbers and smoothed and shaped the seal line. The next problem was drainage. One of the reasons the hatches leaked was the drain pipes where small. I removed the hoses and replace them with pressure pipe of double the diameter. What water hits the area will now drain away quickly.

The test was a garden hose. Me inside, helper squirting the hatches from all angles. No leaks. My guess is I will need to assess the seal and maintain it annually. Another job for the maintenance list.

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