Engine room preparation

I always learn things when a new project appears. The engine rooms looked a frightful mess and daunting project after the 20 year old Yanmar 30’s had been removed. I researched the best approach. It all involved lots of crouching…

First a degrease – spray can initially then a water soluble degreaser and thorough rinse. When the rooms were dry I sanded with 180 grit at a Festool sander (Vacuum attached so minimal dust aeration). After this I did another degrease to get the corners, piping, and cavities clean, another rinse and sand with 220 grit.

I ended up painting with International Bilgekoat. A one pot enamel – which surprised me – I had expected to use a two pot expoxy but the literate says epoxy paints are good for UV protection but not so good for oil. Enamels are old based so I guess create a better barrer.

I did two coats, waiting 24 hours between coats and not sanding as recommended.

The heat and sound insulation had been long gone. I sanded these areas back with 120 grit to remove and smooth the remnant glue. Then used stickyback insulation, soft hammering it to the walls to ensure adhesion. The new engines are on the way!

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